Friday asana aid: Ushtrasana

It gets harder and harder to find poses we haven’t yet featured on a Friday. I can report that the frontier of Third Series seems pretty untraveled, at least as far as online instruction goes.

But I found a Second Series pose; maybe not a tough one. But that just means you ought to be able to explore the full expression of the pose: Ushtrasana.

Here’s the Internet’s favorite:

And, I know you’ll be surprised, this familiar face has a video:

(She actually has a few on this pose.)

This might be the second most popular:

Finally one of a different “tradition”:

And here’s a bonus bit of news: The YogaWorks empire grows:

Back Bay Yoga Studio on Boylston Street – renamed to YogaWorks Back Bay – and Sweat and Soul Yoga on Commonwealth Avenue – now YogaWorks Allston – have been acquired by YogaWorks for an undisclosed amount, the Santa Monica, Calif.-based chain said Wednesday.

Founded in 1987 and now known for its Teacher Training program, YogaWorks has 40 YogaWorks studios in Southern and Northern California, New York, and Boston. All locations are owned by Boston-based Great Hill Partners, which bought YogaWorks in 2014 for $45 million from Highland Capital Partners, according to theWall Street Journal.

It may be time for Rebel Alliance Yoga to rise — imagine the tie-ins toward year’s end.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

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