Apparently, this is the yoga studio that is replace Ashtanga Yoga New York

According to Well+Good, “of-the-moment yoga spot Y7” is the studio that is taking over the space on Broome Street that Ashtanga Yoga New York occupied until last month.

Here’s Well+Good’s full description:

Of-the-moment yoga spot Y7 is spreading its wings, leaving its shared studio inside Monster Cyclebehind to host sweaty, loud vinyasa sessions in its very own space on Broome Street. The location will be significantly bigger than the Flatiron studio, comes with the same infrared heating used at its other spots, and includes a shower (thank god!)

There was a shower before? Still, sounds like some work will go in before the opening.

So just what is Y7? Maybe you know. I don’t. So I went a-looking, and here’s what I learned:

HEAT + MUSIC + DARKNESS  ( Our classes are HEATED to between 80 – 90 degrees. )

Y7 is a tribe of strong yogis. Creative teachers and students pushing the boundaries of how yoga can feel.

Fun and challenging, without sacrificing the peacefulness of yoga. We’ve found the balance, a 60 minute vacation. 

We look at all elements and find balance. Heat, music, freedom to flow on your own, breathing, darkness, we’ve taken everything into consideration.

Come to the studio and make friends, improve your physical body and clear your mind.

Just so you know, I’m doing my best not to write out all the comments that are currently pickling my brain, if not my heart. I will say this: While that description talks about “creative teachers,” they are listed on the site as “artists.”

Gah. That might not hurt quite so much if, if you think about, the Broome St. Temple wasn’t in a sense a work of art as well as one of religion and spirituality.

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Two Ashtangis write about their practice and their teachers.

2 thoughts on “Apparently, this is the yoga studio that is replace Ashtanga Yoga New York”

  1. The bathroom at broom street has a shower hose on the wall and a drain in the floor just in the open single bathroom, not sure if they will reconfigure it to be more of a traditional shower.

    I’m trying to not think about what the space will become. The energy created there was so pure, I can only wish them well, if not willing or wanting to see it without the temple. if hip hop music gives someone the motivation and inspiration to be on the mat? Well go to it, but I’ll stick with some nice intentions to start and a vande gurunam❤️

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