Which presidential candidate thinks yoga classes a ‘waste’ for government employees?

The answer: Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul.

Second question: Did you realize he is still running? He is, he is. It was former Texas Gov. Rick Perry who has dropped out of the race.

Anyway, a combo of a slow day on the Ashtanga news front and the semi-deliciousness of a senator going after yoga classes makes this story from the Hill newspaper too good not to pass along:

“Maybe you saw a Groupon for yoga classes and considered it, but even at a discount you were not sure you wanted to spend the money,” Paul said in the report. “Well if you were an employee at certain federal agencies you would not have to worry about cost, because the U.S. taxpayer will pick up the tab.”

Paul said that the State Department spent $15,000 on yoga for employees in Washington, D.C., while the Department of Energy spent $11,000 a year on Pilates in California.

“Not all agencies that offer employees yoga at work also pay for the cost; many agencies, including the U.S. Senate, require participants to pay for the class,” Paul added.

Probably too easy to suggest he take a class, right? Maybe from the Mindful Congressman?

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