More changes. Maybe temporary (isn’t everything?)

A few more changes to announce here:

We won’t be posting daily anymore. Our practices, as we’ve discussed between us a lot, are at a point where we don’t feel like they lend themselves to much sharing. Practicing at home, plugging along, isn’t producing much we have felt to be of use to others.

Those who’ve read this blog know I’ve never been very comfortable thinking my practice has much to tell someone else.

And there also are enough other channels for people to share things; as I know I’ve mentioned, when we started this blog years back, folks weren’t using Facebook and Twitter (let alone Instagram or Snapchat) as they are now. If you want things, you can find them. Or, really, those things find you.

We’ve also over the years narrowed down our content; we try to get things to you that we think you might not see otherwise, things that somehow are mainstream enough you ought to know or things we think important — whatever that means. Something to deepen your practice; something to make you think; something to inspire.

We try to pass along things we think have real value. (Or occasionally, real humor or some counter to the heaviness of an Ashtanga practice.)

And the fact is, those things don’t come along every day.

But when they do, and when a practice happens that suggests something broader than just an individual “aha,” we’ll pass them on. A couple times a week? Maybe something like that.

Also, for me especially (not so much Bobbie, if at all her), I’m trying to take to heart something Tim Miller talked about during the Third Series training, which of course I heard second hand: Don’t let your practice become a prison. Too often, I think, getting a post up everyday feels more a prison and less a freedom.

Enough of that. For now, at least.

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