Your Iyengar guide to yoga poses on planes

You can tell — I’ve found — who the yogis are when traveling to India on the long, near day-long flight (from the U.S., at least). They get up a lot; you’ll find them around the bathrooms stretching; they might have their mat in their carry-on.

Writing from experience, it makes a lot of difference.

Now, if those yogis see this (meaning what I’m about to link you to), you’ll really be able to pick them out. Because they will be doing these Iyengar-inspired “in-flight” yoga poses:

Now, experts have created an in-flight yoga guide which helps keep the body supple during long haul flights and relieves tension in nervous fliers.

The ‘Yoga in the Sky’ guide was created by travel website, which enlisted chartered physiotherapist and certified yoga teacher Dr Christopher Norris and experts from Iyengar Yoga Deutschland.

‘The benefits of practising in-flight yoga are extensive,’ Dr Norris said.

The link comes with handy-dandy illustrations.

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