Mercury Day Poetry: Richard Kenney

Today’s poems are hot off the internet. My friend and mentor, Richard Kenney, has published a gaggle of poems on the poetry site, Plume, titled “Six Blessings and a Curse.” I’ll give you a taste here, but you should head over to the full effect. They’re lovely to read out loud, economical and, well, heavy … Continue reading Mercury Day Poetry: Richard Kenney

Mercury day poetry: Kenney’s ‘Solstice’

This week’s poem comes from one of our favorite poets (and a good friend), Richard Kenney. This one is from his volume, Orrery. As the title might suggest, Kenney is a poet who is keenly aware of the movements of the planets. Solstice Christmas: quince, persimmon, pomegranate, rose; glass flowers twirling in a glass case, closed. … Continue reading Mercury day poetry: Kenney’s ‘Solstice’

Mercury day poetry: Meditation at Lagunitas

In one of our past lives (during this lifetime), Bobbie and I knew a thing or two about poetry. (We still may.) We knew living poets. (OK, we still do.) Bobbie’s mentioned Richard Kenney once or twice. Another poet we crossed paths with was former U.S. laureate Bob Hass. (We highlighted his Issa translations before.) He’s both … Continue reading Mercury day poetry: Meditation at Lagunitas