New home for David Swenson videos from Down Under

It looks like the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne has migrated over to a new YouTube channel or account.

You might recall it posted a handful of videos from when David Swenson was there a year ago (we posted about it in August); those videos are gone, but there are newly posted ones right here. Here’s one of the five, plus there’s one from an earlier visit of his:

We’ll note this on the earlier post.

Also, since we’re posting, click here if you want to see how Lucy imagines an “Ashtanga Jacket.”

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Spend an hour with David Swenson

Here’s a video that slipped by us; today, it appeared on Facebook — but I can tie it back to the Third Series training because it is from Ashtanga Yoga Hong Kong’s YouTube channel; we’ve already linked to video from the training from there.


At least where the video is captured for me, it shows David partially standing and laughing. Which captures him nicely.

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Two new David Swenson videos for you

I think, anyway. As best as I can tell, these haven’t been posted before but I think they are companions to some videos uploaded by the folks at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne last October (link to our posts on them here).


Both are nice and quick. You can find the Yoga Centre’s full YouTube video here.

UPDATE: New channel for the Centre is linked to in this more recent post.

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If you want a yoga rug, you want it organic, right?

I suppose this one veers toward the “ad,” but it isn’t an ad that bumps up our bottom line.

And it’s the first update at David Swenson’s site since the very beginning of the year. And it’s about yoga rugs, which may not rise to the level of obsession as pants, tops and ways to do hair (if you have enough hair to do), but are still one of those things in Ashtanga.

Anyway, from his site:

I am really happy to announce that we now have a beautiful line of Fully Organic Cotton Practice Rugs!

I love the cotton feel for practice since it really reminds me of the “old school” method. In the early days we always practiced on cotton.

I like the natural feel under me when practicing and they absorb sweat. The fact that these new mats are organic is even better!

They work great on top of any sticky mat and will prolong the life of the sticky mat as well.

You can’t argue with the logic. It really is true that a yoga rug is better than moving around a rubber sticky mat. Yuck.

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David Swenson on overcoming your resistance to practice

So I am 99% sure this isn’t a new video, in part because we’ve posted it before — but that earlier link is now gone, so let’s get this up again. I’d assume it is legit, what with the Yoga Journal imprimatur:

It probably doesn’t hurt to hear it again. And if the still image captured is the same for everyone, it’s great. Very “no no no.” (I suspect some of the other videos in the broken link I link to above are listed on the page with this video, too.)

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More good yoga from Richmond and David Swenson

Robbie Norris has highlighted another of the students in the Richmond City Jail — and as always, it is worth a read. Click here.

That story is compelling — how Ashtanga has helped curb a breathing problem. But I also was struck by this:

And thank you, David Swenson, for continuing to send yoga mats and “spineless” Ashtanga Yoga Practice Manuals.  Because hardcover books are not allowed, David sends manuals with the plastic spiral spine removed, so the pages can be tied together like this:


You’ll have to click to see the pic, as well as a photo of the letter from the student.

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