Deep listening, exercising as you age and where to catch Dena Kingsberg this year

First up, a bittersweet nod toward Tim Miller’s latest blog post:

In sutra III.36, Patanjali says, “Tatah pratibah sravana vedana adarsa asvada vartah jayante”—Then profound intuition, hearing, touch, vision, taste, and smell appear. Patanjali is referencing qualities here that we could call extra sensory perceptions. These heightened perceptions are presented in the order of the most subtle to the grossest and correspond with the six lower chakras: intuition with ajna chakra; hearing with vishuddha chakra; touch with anahata chakra, sight with manipura chakra, taste with svadisthana chakra, and smell with muladhara chakra. All of these extraordinary perceptions are a kind of listening: listening to our intuition, listening with our ears to the inner sound, listening with our skin, eyes, tongue, and nose.

No, it isn’t bittersweet because we’re lacking on the ESP front. It is bittersweet because this weekend Tim heads down to Tulum for his annual week-long teacher training.

And Tulum is awesome. Bobbie and I have both been, albeit separately. (I think she went in 2008 and I went in 2011.)

So I’m going to make a sort of announcement: Unless something really unexpected comes up, we’re going next year. (And if we don’t, we’ll go to Shasta.) There. As an added benefit, I’ll also learn when Bobbie reads this post.

This week also saw Dena Kingsberg send out her teaching/travel schedule for 2014. You can find it here, and we’ll copy it below for the bad/lazy people:

byron bay

  • Feb 2 – 28  2014   FULL
  • March 2 -28  2014  FULL
  • March 30 – April 26  2014   FULL

santa barbara.

MAY 3 – 5

ashtanga yoga confluence san deigo

MAY 8 -11


portugal : lisbon


Casa Vinyasa Yoga

portugal: retreat monte vello

JULY 5 – 11  

italy: tuscany retreat

JULY 20 – 26

germany : hamburg

JULY 27 – August 1 


sweden: stockholm

AUGUST 3 – 8



bali lux

OCTOBER  18 -24


new zealand


byron bay

NOV 16  – DEC 13

Finally, here’s a report on a new study that adds to the growing amount of evidence of how important exercise is, even — or especially — as one ages.

The kicker:

But in this study, the volunteers did not merely live longer; they lived better than those who were not active, making the message inarguable for those of us in mid-life. “Build activity into your daily life,” Dr. Hamer said. Or, in concrete terms, if you don’t already, dance, wash your car and, if your talents allow (mine don’t), combine the two.

This study also gives hope to those who may have slacked off on taking care of their bodies in their 20s and 30s. (And, yes, 40s.)  The study found that starting an exercise program — which could be as little as an hour a week, so, Ashtangis, you’re a bit ahead of the game — in middle age still produced significant benefits.

Of course, this study doesn’t apply today. It’s a Moon Day.

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Are you a ‘committed practitioner’?

There’s something extremely interesting at Dena Kingsberg’s web home, which I think is new. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it earlier.

It is the “committed practitioners 2014” link.

Here is a taste:

an opportunity to give priority to one’s own practice in an energising and inspiring environment with a senior and certified teacher of Sri K P jois.
a small and select group of ashtanga yoga practitioners who request to deepen their practice under the guidence of Dena Kingsberg.
Intense periods of study with Dena take place for three months in three consecutive years.

On going studies continue between these dates. offering first year only at this time.

 second and third year by application on completion of the first.
a two-way commitment for the pursuit of truth in each other
Is not
a teacher training

Yes, it sounds very unusual (to me, anyway), in its own way very traditional — very much of the teacher (guru) / student (shishya) relationship — but unlike how most yoga teachers establish a relationship with their students.

I suppose, if you think about it, it is a slightly more formalized version of folks like Dena and the other Confluence teachers returning again and again to Guruji. (The small group setting sets it apart from how people still return to Mysore these days, I think.)

And, you might note, it starts — starts! — in February 2014. Talk about planning ahead.

But this might be my favorite part of this “call to action” (my words):

now what
attend an intensive / workshop or retreat and make contact.

then write a hand written letter explaining why this is of interest.

My interest level in Dena at the Confluence, which already was extremely high, has increased by about 347%. This just seems amazing.

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Where are the Confluence teachers headed?

At the end of a relatively quiet Memorial Day weekend, I’m taking a look ahead to see where the Confluence teachers — Dena Kingsberg included now — are headed for workshops in the coming weeks and months. This is through the end of August.

Maybe one is near you? Much of the info via (but I’ve done the work so you don’t have to!):

David Swenson

Brugge, Belgium — May 26 to June 1

Copenhagen — June 2 to 10

Sag Harbor, NY — July 6 to 8

San Diego, CA — July 12 to 16

Victoria, Canada — July 20 to 29

Dena Kingsberg

Byron Bay, Australia — May 13 to June 8 (on now!)

San Vicente National Park, Portugal — June 23 to 29

Hamburg, Germany — July 1 to 6

London — July 8 to 13

Berlin — July 28 to August 2

Stockholm, Sweden — August 4 to 10

Eddie Stern

Salento, Italy — June 23 to 30

Nancy Gilgoff

Antwerp, Belgium — May 27 to 30

Barcelona — June 2 and 3

Lisbon, Portugal — June 7 to 11

Vienna, Austria — June 16 to 20

Cambridge, England — June 23 and 24

London — June 26 to 28

Wiltshire, England — June 29 to July 1

Shobac, Nova Scotia — July 7 to 13

Halifax, Nova Scotia — July 14 and 15

Bristol, Vermont — July 19 to 23

Richard Freeman

Phonenicia, New York — July 2 to 8

London — August 31 to September 2

He continues in Europe in September.

Tim Miller

Spokane, Washington — June 1 to 3

Carlsbad, California — June 16 to 29

Copenhagen, Denmark — July 10 to 12 and July 13 to 15

Mt. Shasta, California — July 28 to August 4 and August 4 to 11

Carlsbad, California — August 18 to 31

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A little more on new Confluence teacher Dena Kingsberg

As we mentioned in our first post on Dena Kingsberg, who’s taking Richard Freeman’s place at the 2013 Ashtanga Yoga Confluence, there is not a whole lot about her online.

Dena Kingsberg

For instance, there doesn’t seem to be any video of her online. I know, mind-blowing.

So, for those who maybe have heard of her but haven’t heard much, below are a few links to pieces that feature her, reference her, etc. Consider it some Saturday reading. Maybe do it while rubbed down in castor oil?

And, honestly, that’s what I can pull up with a decent Internet search. There are descriptions of workshops but not the rundowns those two links provide.

As much as I was awed by Richard in March, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that having a new — and fairly exotic, in the sense of being so far away in Australia — teacher at the Confluence adds to the excitement. It’s a new ingredient to the yoga stew, even if I would have been all-too happy to get more sustenance from the stew as it was.

I wonder if they would have gone with six teachers if Richard was not unavailable?

And I wonder what other changes are in store. Different entertainment, perhaps? And certainly the program will change a bit.

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