‘An unusual sight’ in Venezuela

At about 90 seconds long, this report from Caracas, Venezuela by the BBC is absolutely worth a look:

A yoga scheme has been set up in the slums of Caracas to improve the quality of life for the people living there.

In this part of the Venezuelan capital, hundreds of thousands of people live on top of each other in a sprawling maze of homes and shacks.

Full video at the link. Definitely an example of the good efforts to bring yoga to those who need it.

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Friday asana aid: Second’s seven headstands

A little different take on our regular video feature this week.

Instead of multiple different perspectives on a pose, we’ll give you one teacher’s multiple perspectives on sort of one pose: the seven headstands that finish up Ashtanga’s Second Series.

They come via Pacific Ashtanga and Diane Christinson. Here’s the first, with all seven at double speed:

And here’s headstand No. 1:

You can find all the videos right here.

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Just a few hours left to pre-reg for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

You may have received the reminder emails, but even if so, here’s a third-party reminder notice:

Today, Wednesday, Sept. 30 is the final day of pre-registration for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence. Sign up during the next few hours and save $50.

Pre-reg is $525, with the requirement you stay at the Catamaran hotel.

And as a reminder. The dates: March 3 to 6 of 2016. With the assistant and guest teachers, you’re getting 16 of Ashtanga yoga’s most experienced Western teachers.

Here’s the link to pre-register.

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Today is National Coffee Day! Sorry those not in the U.S.

Occasionally, in the incessant stream of commodified “holidays” — donuts, burgers, beer, tacos, dogs, cats, yoga (ahem) — one comes along that makes dealing with the rest worth the trouble.

Today (Tuesday, Sept. 29), my friends, today is that day.

It’s National Coffee Day (U.S. only, of course)!

Here are 11 deals, courtesy the always reliable Parade magazine:

What I love most about this food holiday is that restaurants and retailers step up to the plate and celebrate right along with coffee addicts like myself. In many instances they have created some kind of special offer to celebrate. Some are giving away free coffee. Others are throwing in free food. Since free is my favorite price, combined with my favorite beverage, coffee, well, how could the day get any better.

And as if you need them, some reasons we’ve posted why coffee drinking is good, and good for you.

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There’s still time to check out the Supermoon eclipse

By my calculations, not matter where you are right now, you’ve got an hour before the Supermoon eclipse begins and more than that before the full show starts. As long as you are at or west of the eastern edge of Africa, you’ll be able to see some part of it.

Here’s info from space.com:

You can watch the harvest moon lunar eclipse live in a webcast by the Slooh Community Observatory. You can also watch the total lunar eclipse on Space.com, courtesy of Slooh. The lunar eclipse will also feature the “biggest” full moon (in apparent size) of 2015, since the moon will also be at perigee on the very same day ─ its closest point to the Earth ─ 221,753 miles (356,877 km) away. [Visibility Maps for the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse (Gallery)]

The Sept. 27 event is therefore being called a “supermoon eclipse.” The last such eclipse happened in 1982, and the next won’t occur until 2033.

Out here on the West Coast, it even is happening early enough not to interfere with getting up tomorrow morning.

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Some quick maintenance

Hey all…

Apparently the “theme” our blog was using has been retired, which means it started to act wonky. We’re working on updating… and it looks like there will be some hiccups as we do. For now, links to Ashtanga teachers, etc is down at the bottom of the page. We’ll get those more accessible ASAP.


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