It took a bit longer, but February is full in Mysore

Just to tie up loose ends, as of November 14th, applications to practice in Mysore closed for the month. As noted earlier, it seemed to be taking longer this time — whether because there were finally fewer students rushing in or just because it took longer to make note of it, well, I’m sure someone knows. I’m just looking in from the outside.

Here’s the update on the site:

Sharath’s class is full for DECEMBER 2014, JANUARY and FEBRUARY 2015. We will not accept any more registration forms for these months. Online applications for March 2015 arrivals will not be accepted until December 1st. If you submit your form earlier, it will be automatically deleted without further notice.

I can’t help but feel like March is forever from now. But I suppose to get ready to spend at least a month in India does take some planning.

Alternatively, of course, you can just go online.

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If you aren’t already going to Mysore in 2014, you aren’t going to Mysore in 2014

There’s news at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute website that the December batch of classes are full — just four days after applications were accepted.

That means beginning October 1, you can try to apply for practice in January 2015. And — perhaps in recognition of how quickly the classes with Sharath are filling up — the website already mentions applying for February 2015 — that starts November 1.

In other words, time to start planning ahead. (As the website notes: “If you submit your form earlier, it will be automatically deleted without further notice.”)

Or maybe you’ve been practicing this week with Sharath in Los Angeles or are going to be doing so next week in New York.

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