Just where did the Ashtanga police come from?

Over the weekend — and probably on the Facebook, which I am trying to frequent less and less (and not for any spying reasons) — I saw a couple, maybe three, references to everyone’s favorite authority figure: the Ashtanga police. If memory serves (and it rarely does), someone had practiced on Saturday. Maybe with music.

And so it was a lock that the Ashtanga police would be paying a visit.

It feels like this jokey — some don’t think it so funny — meme of ours is nearly as ingrained in the Ashtanga “system” as the Yoga Korunta and Patanjali, himself.

And like both of them, I wonder if we have any idea of the police’s origin. The interwebs don’t seem to want to supply an answer. Was it something said, offhand, some morning in Mysore? Did it come from the mouth of an anti-Ashtangi? Maybe there are multiple sources?

Anyone know? Anyone want to hazard a guess?

Posted by Steve