Ashtanga Yoga New York | Brooklyn Yoga Club off and stretching

Monday of this week, things got started in earnest at the new location for Ashtanga Yoga New York, even as classes continue at the new Brooklyn location, Brooklyn Yoga Club.

All the info is at the AYNY site:

In Manhattan: 25 First Avenue, between 1st and 2nd st on the second floor of the Bhakti Center.

  • Monday thru Friday, 6am till 11am.
  • Weekend classes will only be held in Brooklyn.
  • Please click here to register for your time slot. Class payments will only be accepted through the registration portal, and not at the class location.
  • For the next month the only two payment options are $200 for unlimited classes, and $20 for a single class. After November when the main room in Brooklyn opens up, we will add all of the other class packages.

In Brooklyn: 206 Vanderbilt Avenue, at the corner of Willoughby (next to the French Baptist Church).

  • Please click here to be directed to the registration page.
  • Classes begin at 6am, and close at 11am.
  • Saturday and Sunday from 8am till 11am.
  • No led classes until November.
  • Payment plans are the same as Manhattan.

A key feature is that you can practice at both locations; sounds like they are streamlining that process still, but that is certainly a convenience that I assume will be welcomed.

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Another yoga studio set to go in after Ashtanga Yoga New York vacates

There’s a lot of interesting information in this story by DNAinfo on the move of Ashtanga Yoga New York and the Broome St. Temple, but it is hard not to focus on this piece: another yoga studio is going to go into the space.

Sort of hard to believe, looking at it from afar, for a few reasons. The first is, as the story notes, there is a listing for the space as a condo. That seems like the obvious gentrification move. The second is: What yogi would be up to filling the shoes, so to speak, of Eddie Stern, his wife, Jocelyne — and the spirit of Pattabhi Jois?

So far we don’t know.

Here’s some of the other info from the piece; the “that” in the first quote refers to the news of the other yoga studio:

“I don’t know how we all feel about that,” Stern said. “I think it’s weird, but that’s how it goes.”

Their space also held a Hindu temple that Pattabhi Jois consecrated in 2001.

Stern added that he has always had a good relationship with his landlord, and that “the entire experience has been nothing but friendly and cordial.”


“The guy who bought the place was a very nice person,” he said. “[And] our old landlords were very nice people.”

Stern said his rent spiked from $6,500 to $12,500 last September, and for the past year and a half, he’s been paying $15,000 per month.

“New York City — and in particular SoHo — real estate prices have driven us out of the area,” Stern said.


Stern said he feels “OK” about the situation.

“We’ll find something else in Manhattan which is more affordable,” he said. “SoHo is not quite what it used to be — sort of like living in a mall. I think this will be a good change for us.”

As you’d expect, it sounds like Eddie is keeping a positive attitude and seeing this as a one door closes, another opens opportunity.

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Ashtanga Yoga New York / Broome St. Temple to move

Eddie Stern has announced — via email and on his Facebook pages — that the shala/temple is going to move at the end of February.

With his OK, I’ll share part of what he sent around:

After a few months of adjusting the fees at the school, attempting to secure a mortgage, and crunching numbers, Jocelyne and I came to realize that remaining on Broome Street was no longer a viable option for us. At the end of November we gave up our option to purchase the second floor, and it has now been sold to another buyer. The new buyer closes in the beginning of February. Our move out date from 430 Broome St. is February 28th.

We do not as of yet have a new space to move into, and did not want to start looking until we knew that the sale of the second floor was finalized, which happened in late December. We will begin looking for a new school next week. I am confident that something will come our way, and we will be able to continue as usual – hopefully in or around the neighborhood that we love so much! If anyone has any solid leads, please let me know.

Eddie notes they have been on Broome Street for 14 years, and he lists some big moments, including Guruji’s installing the temple and the reconstruction after the 2003 fire there.

AYNY is an iconic space within the Ashtanga community for those reasons, because of Eddie’s stature and, not inconsequentially, thanks to the Ashtanga, NY movie.

Eddie also reminds everyone of the Martin Luther King weekend retreat he is leading with Robert Moses. Bobbie and I decided not to go (after attending last year’s) and now we are kicking ourselves a bit. But…

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had a five-day visit to the shala and the opportunity both to practice there and experience the temple and its activities. That space had a certain energy — I ought to use the word “shakti” — built up from all the tapas, the teaching, Guruji’s presence but, I think, mostly Eddie and his team’s dedication to spreading the teachings of Ashtanga and other spiritual/mindful practices. It might take some time to recreate that energy in a new space, but I have zero doubt it will happen. And, as Eddie notes, they may have opportunities in a new space to do more, to teach more — in other words, to build up even more of that energy.

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The crowd at AYNY for Saraswati and Sharath, plus Sanskrit e-books galore

Last night, Saraswati and Sharath lectured at Ashtanga Yoga New York. It was, as you might expect, a full house. Here’s a photo from the AYNY website:


Look a little deeper and you’ll find that Eddie Stern knocked out three new blog posts, including about the story — which I think we briefly rolled into something, as well — about the White House embracing yoga as a non-religious, or at least non-specifically spiritual — physical practice. He also found a wonderful photo from the Guardian in the U.K. of Orthodox Jews practicing yoga in Israel that further illustrates the point that yoga isn’t necessarily a Hindu religious activity:

Via the Guardian

But what I really want to highlight is the site Eddie links to with Sanskrit e-books, including Shakespeare and the Bible as well as Sanskrit primers and other books with English translations. You know, for all of us who can read Sanskrit. But if you’re among those who can, this seems like a great resource.

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