A sneaky Tim Miller post that snuck by us

For a couple of weeks now, Tim Miller’s “Tuesdays with Timji” blog has just appeared as a Facebook “note.”

So maybe you were like us and missed it. If so, here’s a link. Warning: Lots of Mercury Retrograde talk, which can be scary.

Here’s just a wee taste:

The Mercury Retrograde piece indicates that there is some sort of course correction that needs to be made at this time, and this triple conjunction gives us the focus, clarity and energy to deal with the next in a never ending series of Cosmic Lessons. This is important stuff we are being shown now—the Universe isn’t pulling any punches. The intent of it all is to help us see those dysfunctional areas of our life related to or minds and hearts. It’s time to let go of those things that don’t really serve us so we can continue moving forward in our evolutionary process and give up our attachment to our physical suffering, moodiness and anxiety.

You may find, with experience, that it seems rare when Tim will tell you the Universe is pulling its punches!

Posted by Steve