Bandhas — find your roots and wings

Once again, you’ve got a chance to study with Tim Miller and raise money for a good cause.

Every year (at least), Tim runs a workshop with all the proceeds going to the Sean O’Shea Foundation. More about it here, and our past posts on it here.

This time around, the workshop is scheduled for 1:30 to 4 p.m. on April 11, at the Ashtanga Yoga Center of course. This year’s is on “Roots and Wings: The Mysterious and Elusive Bandhas.”

Aren’t they though? Here’s a little about the workshop:

In this workshop we will examine the bandhas from different perspective — physical, energic, and mental — and experience how the application of mula and uddhiyana bandha can greatly increase our level of concentration, enhance our breathing capacity, increase of our range of motion, and add stability, comfort, and lightness in our asana practice…. Pattabhi Jois used to say that when the bandhas are engaged, “Good sound is coming,” so our final application of the bandhas will be in the chanting of mantra, including the Mahamantra — the Hanuman Chalisa.

What more do you need to know?

You can click here to register.

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Breath and bandhas

This being an Ashtanga blog, we’ve written fairly often about the bandhas.

This morning, Bobbie and I have been talking about the bandhas — plus picking up, transitions, and moving with the breath.

Always a challenge.

Here’s a video featuring Leslie Kaminoff, talking about the bandhas and breath, and showing a way to discover them:

Perhaps we’ll give that a try before practice this morning. And by “we” I really mean: Me.

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Friday asana aid: Finding your mula bandha

This week’s asana aid isn’t exactly a specific asana aid.

But it will aid all your asanas. And it’s inspired by the most recent video instruction from David Garrigues.

Ladies and gentlemen, your guide to mula bandha:

And now, Chris Croft (who I like because he uses the word “esoteric” so apologetically); links to the other parts of this video are on the page:

Via Ashtanga Yoga Paris:

For those counting at home, videos I haven’t posted include ones by Sadie Nardini; ones on mula bandha and orgasms and sexual confidence; and one on sexy yoga abs.

Feel free to add links to other good ones. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were hidden gems out there.

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