Reflections on the final day at AYNY on Broome St.

Honestly, I’ve been expecting there to be more written about the last day or days of Ashtanga Yoga New York at its Broome St. location.

This piece at Huffington Post is the first I’ve seen beyond some Instagram/Facebook post. Enjoy:

During the last week at AYNY, memories arose, like the very first time I practiced Mysore with Eddie. I was intimidated surrounded by so many extraordinary practitioners. It didn’t matter that I had been doing the entire first series elsewhere.

“That’s all for today, Debby,” Eddie called over.

I was stopped my first day after Navasana (boat). I stayed there for several weeks. It was humbling. More importantly, it was safe. I progressed to the next pose when my body was ready, not my ego. One year later, I completed the entire first series.

Obviously, that’s not from the last-day memories. But you’ll have to click the link above for those.

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So that was rough, and wonderful

Quick hit as we try to settle down, a 7 am — Eastern time — practice awaiting us.


Ashtanga Yoga New York needs to be on every Ashtangis “visit list.”

As we posted before, asana was not the reason for this trip. But under Eddie’s watchful eyes and firm and sensitive hands, we both had one of those 108% practices, where everything is left on the mat.

We were a little shocked. We knew Eddie would have that teacher shakti but …

Well, during the opening night — Ganesh puja and some discussion — Robert described Ashtanga Yoga New York as feeling like India, as a space where hard and serious work — chanting, pujas, homas — have been occurring. Oh, and lots of tapas from practicing.

Yes. That’s it. It is one of those magical places that Ashtanga shalas can be, combined with the incredible Temple environment Eddie and his colleagues so lovingly nurture.

This is why we came. And why you should, too.

And special shout out to those who introduced themselves. Thanks for the many kind words.

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