The Ashtanga shala bucket list

I thought maybe I’d touched on this topic before, but searching around the blog turned nothing up. So…

I was thinking when reflecting on our practicing this year at Ashtanga Yoga New York that it is one of those “bucket list” shalas that serious (and maybe even frivolous) Ashtangis should get to at some point.

And I wondered just what the others are. I think they have to have some combination of greater meaning — probably 99% of that is did Guruji come through and teach there — and a sense of “place” or a confluence (if you will) of practitioners and teacher that gives it that extra shakti.

I suppose I could start an (obvious enough) list:

  • Ashtanga Yoga Center / Tim Miller
  • Nancy Gilgoff’s House of Yoga and Zen in Maui
  • Lino Miele
  • Yoga Workshop / Richard Freeman
  • David Robson in Toronto (I’m curious about such a big student body and what that produces)

I realize for many that “Mysore” is on the list — which I understand, even if I’m among those who doesn’t really feel that pull. But I wouldn’t argue with anyone who put that on theirs.

Are there are others? And is there something in particular that puts a shala on a “bucket list?”

Posted by Steve