No coffee, no … hangover?

Although some may argue that alcohol doesn’t fit the yogi lifestyle all that well, the Ashtangis we know (and particularly love) don’t mind uncorking a bottle of wine, popping the top off a bottle of beer or (our favorites) pouring some brown stuff into a wide-bottomed glass.

Anyway, given our unofficial motto, you just had to figure we’d have to pass this news on: Researchers have turned coffee grounds into alcohol. The amazing news comes from the magazine Science:

Used coffee grounds produced a new alcoholic beverage with 40% ethanol, comparable to other hard liquor such as vodka and tequila, researchers will report in the September issue of LWT – Food Science and Technology. To evaluate the product, eight trained taste testers were brought in and rated the intensity of different smells and flavors in the alcohol. The judges described the drink as smelling like coffee and tasting bitter and pungent. Researchers noted that the taste could be improved with age and concluded that the quality was good enough for consumption. Don’t count on the caffeine to keep you awake, however; most of it disappears in the brewing process.

Why isn’t the description: “smelling like coffee and tasting like coffee?” Oh, right, we’ve got to get a little snobby in our description. Which reminds me: My asana practice on Wednesday was sweat-forward, with a hint of agony, and a strong finish of relief.

Posted by Steve