Are you ready to check a crazy lunar eclipse tonight?

With our focus on Moon Days, turning our attention toward a rare celestial occurrence tonight seems fair.

Here’s the deal per

On Oct. 8, Interested skywatchers should attempt to see the total eclipse of the moon and the rising sun simultaneously. The little-used name for this effect is called a “selenelion,” a phenomenon that celestial geometry says cannot happen.


As a consequence of this atmospheric trick, for many localities east of the Mississippi River, watchers will have a chance to observe this unusual sight firsthand. Weather permitting, you could have a short window of roughly 2 to 9 minutes (depending on your location) with the possibility of simultaneously seeing the sun rising in the east while the eclipsed full moon is setting in the west.

That link has plenty more details to help you plan your viewing. And this NPR link has a nice graphic of when the moon will be eclipsing.

Posted by Steve