George Harrison sings Hare Krishna

Saw this video on Christmas Eve at Kirtan Central. How could we not pass it on?

Merry Christmas.

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Through George’s eyes: A first reaction to ‘Living in the Material World’

Today I picked up a copy of “Living in the Material World,” the book companion to Martin Scorsese’s recent documentary on Beatle George Harrison.

Living in the Material World, via

I’ve just flipped through it so far, but one thing quickly and very strongly jumped out at me:

The photos Harrison took. A number are self-portraits, but there are pictures from Beatles’ tours to India to his home in England.

I’m no photog expert, don’t know too much about how to deconstruct different shots and perspectives, or what’s behind them, but these photos strike me as containing a strong sense of what Harrison was trying to see, trying to construct in the world around him. The Material World, I guess you’d say.

Maybe another way to say it is: There seems to be a lot of meaning in them, and I assume that meaning is something Harrison was trying to capture or create.

There’s also some great shots from “Life of Brian” and “Time Bandits,” so you can’t go wrong there, right?

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