To start your month, a detailed look at the Hanuman Chalisa

We haven’t tossed a Hanuman Chalisa at you in a while, so it’s time to break that streak.

This isn’t new, but, as they say, it’s new to me. Judging by what I read, it dates back to 2006. But as with anything Hanuman-related, it’s timeless: A word-by-word breakdown/translation of the Chalisa:

1. Jaya – Hail Hanumana
gyaana – wisdom
guna – virtue
saagara – ocean
jaya -hail
Kapeesha – Lord of the Monkeys
tihun – three
loka – world
ujaagara – enlighten/awaken

1. Victory to Hanuman, ocean of wisdom and virtue,
Hail Monkey Lord, illuminator of the three worlds.

2. Raama
doota – messenger
atulita – incomparible
bala – strength
dhaamaa – abode
Anjani putra – Anjani’s son
Pavana –wind
suta -son (off spring)
naamaa – the name

2. Ram’s emissary, abode of matchless power,
Anjani’s son, named “Son of the Wind.”

Hat tip on this one to Gary Goldberg, via the Facebook.

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Stream parts of Krishna Das-Tim Miller workshop this weekend for free

Just noticed this at Krishna Das’ website. It says it will have free streaming of parts of the KD-Tim Miller weekend workshop that’s coming up in a few days.

It says to tune into KD’s YouTube page, which is right here.

From what I see at KD’s site, the free streams will be two Hanuman Chalisa’s (on Saturday and again Sunday) as well as two workshops by KD. The Chalisas are both from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The Saturday workshop runs from 3 to 5:30 p.m.; the Sunday one from 2 to 4 p.m. Doesn’t look like there’ll be anything with Tim — but I’m hoping there will be after. (It’s not his YouTube page, after all.)

You also can email questions to KD via lily at krishnadas dot com.

I’m anticipating Tim’s blog post this week might be about the workshop — and maybe the following one will be, too.

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It’s not Tuesday, but that’s OK: A Hanuman Chalisa with Tim Miller

Just wrapping up my day at work — or seeing how I can avoid practicing, perhaps — and I dug a little deeper than normal on the YouTube video lists and found the following video, which would be perfect for a Tuesday but, well, there’s no time like the present:

For those keeping count, that is our second Chalisa video of the week.

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New Krishna Das Hanuman Chalisa: Sundara Chalisa. Get it free

Krishna Das has made a new Hanuman Chalisa available for free download. Link to that is right here.

Plus there’s new video:

Here’s info about it:

This version of Sri Hanuman Chalisa sung by Krishna Das was filmed at the Open Your Heart in Paradise Retreat Maui, Hawaii, December 2014.
Musicians: Krishna Das (harmonium & vocals), Arjun (tabla), Rick Frires (bass guitar), Nina Rao (kartals), David Nichtern (guitar), and Genevieve Walker (violin).
Audio recorded and mixed by Kevin Reilly.
Video filmed and edited by John Phaneuf.

Remember, he and Tim Miller are doing a first-ever retreat together in March.

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Hanuman — in amazing 3D

I happened upon this site — honestly, I guess I saw someone link to it on Facebook — late yesterday.

At the heart of things is a 3-D movie, clocking in at 11 minutes, that follows the lyrics to the Hanuman Chalisa. And made in India, apparently against the grain and what most people told the filmmaker was possible. She even started in her garage.

Here’s a description of the movie:

The film provides a metaphorical visual meaning to the verses of an ancient spiritual composition that has been sung and chanted across the globe. Our understanding of the divine has various manifestations but its true nature lies within the realization of one-self.

Hanuman serves the highest expression of devotional values and is the purest embodiment seeking god. He is presented as a perfect and appropriate example of being a seeker, a sage, a das, a disciple, a ‘servant of greater man and cause’, a believer, a doer, a warrior and his greatness lies in using his strength for the service of others. The “Hanuman Chalisa” (a devotional Hindu song) again underlies this belief system; this thought process, this devotion.

What’s curious is that I can’t quite figure out how to see it. (Here’s its IMDb page.) The end of the trailer above says it would be shown in late December in New Delhi, and other parts of the website make it clear it played in 2013 at various film festivals. But at the same time, the “first teaser” wasn’t released until September.

So, curious. I don’t seem to be able to just buy it!

It looks to be a very interpretative take on the Chalisa. Combing through the website, one description is this: “Hanuman as the protector of Ayodhya is represented by hands of fire guarding Rama’s kingdom.”

The animation does look awesome — it seems Hanuman’s story really calls out for illustration — but, I’ll reinforce this point: I don’t know how to watch it.

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It’s 4 a.m., so why not the Hanuman Chalisa?

A little video preview for Krishna Das’ upcoming kirtan album, Kirtan Wallah. Available, you won’t be surprised to know, at his website.

A little about it: “This is a preview of the live version of track 5 “4AM Hanuman Chalisa” on Krishna Das’s April 2014 album release “Kirtan Wallah”. This live kirtan was filmed on New York City in October 2013. ”

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Get your Hanuman on

A few big celebrations of one of our two Ishta Devatas, Hanuman, are on the horizon.

The first is global, the second local.

A Tantric diagram of five-faced Hanuman. Via
A Tantric diagram of five-faced Hanuman. Via

On the global front, and with the support of both Krishna Das and Jai Uttal as well as Sounds True, Shri Anandi Ma has organized a worldwide chanting of 108 Hanuman Chalisas on April 20. Information, including how to register, is here. A bit of the detail:

Event Date: April 20, 2013
Time: 9am – 6pm Pacific
(USA West Coast, California
(webcast 8:30am til event end)

Broadcast live on the web from Antioch CA and other world locations via Skype.

Physical event with Shri Anandi Ma is in Antioch, California

The link above includes some wonderful quotes about Hanuman and the Chalisa.

The local event is down in San Diego, at Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Center. The Center and Sangita Yoga will be chanting the Chalisa 11 times from 7 to 9 p.m. on April 25. It’s free. The Center, for those who don’t have the address, is at 1905 Calle Barcelona in Carlsbad.

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A Hanuman Chalisa to benefit Ashtanga teacher’s family

A group of musicians, many of them Ashtanga practitioners at the Ashtanga Yoga Center, have collaborated on a new version of the Hanuman Chalisa.

Rich, through Michelle Haymoz's lens.
Rich, through Michelle Haymoz’s lens.

Why is that news? you ask. Because proceeds from the iTunes sales will benefit the family of Rich McGowan, the longtime teacher at the shala who passed away over the weekend. Rich touched many, many lives, including Tim Miller’s as was clear from Tim’s remembrance this week.

If you read Tim’s post, you’ll know that Rich often accompanied Tim during sacred music performances at the shala, most notably the Tuesday performances of the Hanuman Chalisa.

And so a Chalisa to honor Rich and benefit his family is a natural and appropriate memorial.

Here’s how the Paul Abbott, one of the main artists involved, described it to us:

This version of the Hanuman Chalisa is a collaboration between many musicians, most of whom are also students at Tim Miller’s Ashtanga Yoga Center. It started with the organic seed of acoustic guitar and vocals, and ultimately grew into this electro-acoustic amalgamation with the help of all the musicians, a talented DJ and mix engineer.

Check it out, consider buying it. A link to it on iTunes is right here.

Remember, you can never have too many versions of the Chalisa. And this one just may end up being a favorite.

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