Eddie Stern’s tech crunch for 2015

In the vein of our two years in review, here’s a Tech Crunch end of year list: Ten Ways The World Changed in 2014.

Why do you care, you ask? Because No. 9:

9) Mindfulness And Nutrition Were More Prevalent Than Ever

2014 really was the year that mindfulness became mainstream. The Seattle Seahawks were meditating prior to the Super Bowl and companies are being created likeHeadspace, which helps to teach people to meditate and in turn clear their mind.

Not only do we try to incorporate fitness and mindfulness into the culture at Metamorphic with our founders and our team, but we added Eddie Stern as a formal adviser who meditates with us and teaches meditation and yoga to our portfolio companies. I recently joined the board of the Sonima Foundation, which is bringing mindfulness into public schools. We have lots of work to do, so you’ll be hearing from me in 2015.

The whole mindfulness movement marches steadily forward. I guess that’s something to watch in 2015. (You might recall our most mindful Congressman getting some attention this past year, plus other mindfulness in business highlights.)

Posted by Steve