‘Be true to yourself’

We seem to be a bit heavy on the Tim Miller posts this week.

Coincidence? Probably not.

His blog post this week has a very useful reminder in it:

The message coming to us from the Universe right now is “Be true to yourself” and break free of limiting habits, thoughts, and behaviors that diminish us and bore us. The higher mind is inviting the soul to play at a higher level—to bare more of itself, take more risks, break free of the old paradigm and become more authentic. Revati is the 27th and last of the nakshatras, ruled by the vedic deity Pushan, a solar deity associated with the lighting up of all paths. With Pushan lighting our way, we are encouraged to travel the path—be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Revati means “wealth”, and also “transcendence”– the latter definition fits the notion that this last nakshatra is the sign of completion. The primary motivation of Revati is Moksha—liberation—and the prevailing energetic quality is called “kshiradyapani shakti”, the power to nourish through milk. The nourishing milk available to us now is the Cosmic Ocean of Universal Consciousness.

More at the above link. You’ll get a little Holy Grail history, too.

Posted by Steve