Houston, we have no problem: Sonima Foundation expands yoga program

Continuing to broaden its yoga in schools program, the Sonima Foundation has added a dozen campuses in Houston, Texas this fall.

Coverage from one of the local TV stations is right here (there’s video, which you may have guessed):

In a window-lit classroom at Crockett Elementary School, 21 third-graders sat cross-legged on purple mats and put their hands over their hearts.

“How does exhaling feel?” their teacher, Morgan Camp, asked.

“Relaxing,” said one boy.

“Like bubbles going in and then they’re popping by themselves,” said another.


As trendy and pricey yoga studios have popped up around the country, nonprofits like the Sonima Foundation and New York’s Bent on Learning have brought the mind-body practice to public schools. Still, special yoga courses in schools aren’t widespread as administrators balance academic requirements with electives.

“Lots of physical education teachers do incorporate some yoga into their classes,” said Dolly Lambdin, president of the Society of Health and Physical Educators and a clinical professor at the University of Texas at Austin. “It’s a great activity for people. But it’s only one piece of what a quality physical education program should be.”

In HISD, the yoga wellness classes come in addition to regular P.E. classes in some cases, and replace them in others. Ten elementary schools, one middle and one high school are participating in the program.

There’s also coverage — but behind a subscription wall — at the Houston Chronicle.

Posted by Steve