A chance to explore Intermediate Series with Richard Freeman

This sounds really darn great, if you make the lottery and are in Boulder:

The Intermediate Series, Nadi Shodhana, is said to open up the internal system of nadis or channels all throughout the body. This series is called intermediate because this process of opening must be done after the fundamentals of grounding and letting go through the inner practices of dristi and bandha have been learned. In the morning session we will explore the essence and flow of the Intermediate Series of the Ashtanga Vinyasa form. The afternoon will be finishing postures and pranayama.

Prerequisite: Students must be proficient in the Primary Series

Note: Due to limited space and overwhelming demand, registration for this class will be by lottery. From 24 Sep until 5 Oct at 9am MT, students will be able to sign up to have their names drawn at random. Selected students will be notified by 3pm MT, Sunday, 5 Oct. Selected students will then have 48 hours to pay for the workshop. If payment is not received, another name will be drawn at random.

You can sign up for the lottery at the link above. Can — and should, right? Cost is $85.

Posted by Steve