New intro to Ashtanga video for you to practice with

This seems timely given our last post also was an intro to Ashtanga class.

Last one was Tim Miller. This one is Diana Christinson, out of Orange County, CA (and one of Bobbie’s first teachers):

Here’s the description:

This is the 60 minute led intro class that’s practiced at Pacific Ashtanga in Dana Point, CA. Diana will lead you through the full standing sequence, 8 seated poses (up to navasana), and a shortened closing sequence. This is our first try at a led practice video. Let us know what works/doesn’t work for you. We welcome your feedback.

This one is much more in the tradition of a video you could practice with (David Swenson, etc.).

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Wonder what an intro to Ashtanga class with Tim Miller is like?

Wonder no more, and thanks to Nigel at Ashtanga Yoga Hong Kong for doing some of my work for me.

His latest contribution to the online world: Video of a Tim Miller Intro to Ashtanga class. Yep, the intro class Tim still teaches every week.

Make sure to listen closely for what I think of as Tim’s Guruji sounds — I, sadly, am often the target of the most disbeliving/amazed/disappointed ones.

There is some picture issues, Nigel notes. But they will go away.

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