Video: A day with Norman Allen

Norman Allen, one of the first if not the first American to study with Pattabhi Jois, has popped up in our posts recently. Sort of all of a sudden.

We heard a number of tales involving him during our Yatra. There’s plenty more if you want to go searching. On that search, I came across the following video. Enjoy:

Can anyone confirm if that is former NBA star David Robinson at about the 3:30 mark? I can find that he did Bikram, so it is possible.

We are planning to get down to Tim Miller’s today for his Led Primary. We’ll see if it all works out, and I’m sure we’ll report back on it.

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A version of the modern history of Vinyasa Yoga that credits Tim Miller

This one sort of jumps in right as Pattabhi Jois heads to Encinitas, but then backs off to when David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff and Norman Allen (you’ll see in the comments — from someone famous in her own right — that the wrong name for Norman gets corrected) were in South India. It’s a year old, but not too many views.

But it kind of gives Tim Miller the credit:

TV news coverage of Jois Yoga shala in Greenwich

Quick link for a Saturday. A local TV station braved the severity of Ashtanga yoga to check out the Jois Yoga shala in Greenwich. Story (with video) and excerpts:

The benefits of yoga at its purist form. News 8 found out more about the only shalah in the state, offering Ashtanga yoga.

The quiet in the air underscores the moves of traditional Ashtanga Yoga.

Instruction is at a gentle whisper as Bernadette Brecht and Perri Procida listen.

“We’re still neophytes, very early stages,” said Brecht and Procida.


Balancing ease and effort is tailored made for optimal health and wellness at every stage.

“It’s a moment in time where you actually spend with yourself,” said Procida.

Is there where I say something about its being a gut-wrenching moment in time I spend with myself?

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