Tim Miller has some heavenly advice for the start of the NBA season

We all know Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA and Los Angeles Lakers great, practiced yoga, including Ashtanga under Guruji’s eye.

Now, Tim Miller has offered up some heavenly advice for the Lakers’ current superstar, the injured Kobe Bryant.

How’s that for pulling together two disparate threads? If only I could manage some uniting as well on my mat.

From Tim’s always-to-be-read weekly blog post:

For me the start of the NBA season works like a vow of silence.  It could be along year for the Lakers, though—Godspeed your recovery, Kobe Bryant.  Mercury Retrograde and Saturn together signals a time when we are asked to take responsibility for our past actions—too many minutes Kobe–and learn the lesson that is being presented to us during this time of reflection—trust your teammates.

There also is an important reminder, courtesy of Hanuman, about our own superstar qualities. (Another thread tied. That may be my superstar quality today.) So read up.

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Eddie Stern says listen to Kareem, and other thoughts from our new house

It’s Sunday morning, and it’s cloudy.

That’s only important, really, to us — because the place we just moved from tended to be blanketed by what’s known in Los Angeles as the marine layer, and the place we’ve moved to is supposedly east enough to break free of that.

Well, today it may rain, and so the sky is a light gray, pale and soothing. And it actually is a good sign, because all around us wildfires are burning in Southern California and this weather, and the possible rain, promise to aid the firefighters.

So we won’t dwell on it. But I will say that last night, for the first time in nearly five years, we were able to sit down out back of our home, have a drink — and maybe I broke out one of my few other vices, but it’s a contemplative vice and one that spreads back in my family for at least a few generations — and sit.

We watched rats run by on the power lines.

We heard a plover whistle.

The wind stayed warm for a long while.

It’s a big reason why we wanted to move.

Now, of course, we aren’t precisely settled. There are boxes everywhere. Clothes are unorganized. The kitchen? Yikes. I know I need to tackle that soon. Our yoga room has a few too many boxes in it right now. Our first official practice in the house — different from the first official practice we had after buying the place — will have to wait until later today.

That first practice we’ve already had, by the way, yielded this lesson: Subfloors = serious bandha checks.

If you don’t know what I mean, I mean this:

The front part of our house has crawl space underneath (where we believe no one or no thing is currently living, but it is on the check list to confirm for sure) and so our wonderful floor, so perfect for yoga, is loud there. If you come down hard, you know it immediately. And so we expect our practices to get even lighter and more airy.

Depending upon just how intense a yoga teacher you are, you might want to consider building in a subfloor during your next remodel.

Why are you able to remodel, you ask? Well, because you just published something called Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover.

I kid you not. (She’s Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor, as Google news alerts has been informing me over and over these past few days.)

But don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you with that (although I am going to leave so I can tackle that kitchen full of boxes). Just recently I highlighted a comment from former NBA great Kareem Abdul Jabbar that helps keep my asana practice going.

Kareem is well-known for crediting yoga for his lengthy career. He’s practiced both Ashtanga and Bikram.

Anyway, Eddie Stern found a list of advice Kareem would give to his own 30-year-old self. Practice more yoga is on it. As Eddie says, these are “awesome pieces of advice.”

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