Surfing in India

At the beginning of our Yatra, back last year, a few of us first arrivers braved the ocean waters that lapped against our nice, get-yourself-situated resort outside of Chennai.

We had to sign waivers that we realized we were likely to die. It was quite funny.

Kovalam website screen shot.

I also suspect that inhaling some of that water is what got me a little sick. Especially when I heard some descriptions of what other people saw in the water.

I won’t be making that mistake on my next trip.

Realizing the far-from-clean state of the water (no Heal the Bay to be found there), I can’t help but pause when I come across what looks like a terrific organization in Kovalum: the Kovalum Surf Club. Here’s how it describes its members:

Over the years, the Kovalam Surfclub has taught hundreds of children to surf. Unfortunately not all of them keep on coming back, due to personal reasons, mostly caused by their difficult life situation, or because they couldn’t live up to our rule: ‘no school-no surfing’. Nevertheless we have given each and every one of our little students some moments of pure and unconditional joy and attention, which should be a right for  every child…
The members listed are surfers who do good at school and have been coming to the Kovalam Surfclub on a regular basis for minimum two years.’

Based on the website, it sounds like this organization is all about benefiting the local community and that those running it are respectful of the culture. If anyone is ever in the area, maybe look it up and add a little surfing to your Indian adventure. I will, once I check the water.

Posted by Steve