Mt. Shasta: a confluence of friends

Hello from McCloud, Calif.

As I’m posting this, Mt. Shasta — home to Native American spirits, Lemurians and surely Siva — looms before me. Quite literally, its snow-filled peak climbs up through the oaks and pines towers at the center of my vision.

It’s wonderful, in other words.

In an earlier post, Bobbie mentioned that one of the wonderful things about the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence will be the coming together of friends and fellow Ashtangis. This week is that in a miniature, and I can’t stress enough how central I believe this will be to the days next March.

Seeing friends from last year — Suzy, Julie, Steve, Ann, Jeff, Holly and others — is as much a part of this week as the Timji teacher shakti.

Which is in full force. And which is calling us down to the practice room for another afternoon of “asana doctor” and stories.

So, that’s all for now. But the thought I have is: If you can arrange to come to the Confluence with old friends, do so. It will make the event that much more memorable.

Posted by Steve