Another choice in yoga clothes blows in from the North

You’ve been doing your yoga under a rock if you don’t know that the whole “yoga clothes” market is booming — should I say “stretching”?

Lululemon is the big, $100 pants selling kid on the block. But there’s also Nike, Gap (as Athleta), Under Armour and, on the smaller but not invisible end, Prana and Be Present.

Now you can add venerable outdoors clothing company The North Face to the mix.

VF Corp — the world’s biggest manufacturer of clothing — will expand its yoga (and running) lines under its The North Face brand next spring.

“The consumer is asking us to take this formula of solving real athlete needs to new activities,” Todd Spaletto, The North Face’s president for the Americas, told the Reuters news agency.

It sounds like of particular focus will be light-weight, “technologically advanced” materials.

Here’s a little more from Reuters:

The North Face’s spring collection, displayed this month at its Manhattan showroom, features running shorts and jackets that it says are 10 percent lighter. Its yoga collection is broader, with more technical items like shorts designed for the increasingly popular “hot yoga,” and casual clothes like hooded sweatshirts for after the workout.

Yoga and running are two of America’s quickest growing sports, thus the emphasis by The North Face and all the others. A little interesting quirk: Among The North Face’s competitors? Lucy Activewear, which also is owned by VF Corp.

So, there’s something to file away — as I know clothing choices are pretty darn important for the active Ashtangi.

(And, yes, the Ashtanga news seems a little thin today. Maybe everyone is out at an Occupy Wall Street / Los Angeles / etc. event?)

Posted by Steve