Richard Freeman on Ashtanga and pot

In a few words: Don’t do it. At least, not if you want to achieve … whatever it is you want to achieve via your practice.

That’s my summation of Richard Freeman’s latest “Ask the Expert.” Here’s a little bit and the link to get it all. (Do it, you know you want to.)

What impact does smoking marijuana have on prana and ashtangavinyasa yoga in general? — Matt

Smoking may allow you to focus the prana temporarily within a limited field, but the overall effect is that the mind is less able to focus because the drug short circuits the more holistic approach that a full eight-limbed practice cultivates. Both the pranic and mental backgrounds of any focused state of mind have to be cultivated meditatively throughout the day by dealing with relationships, emotions, and the practical things of every day life.

And, remember, Freeman is writing from Boulder. It makes NorCal look like … well, someplace not terribly friendly to marijuana. So he’s a brave, brave man.

Posted by Steve