Nancy Gilgoff releases her 2014 teaching schedule

If you aren’t on Nancy Gilgoff’s email list, do yourself a favor and get to her contact page and sign up. (I think you will want to shoot her an email to the address listed.)

In the meantime, on Monday she sent out her 2014 teaching schedule. It is below, for those who may want to plan well in advance and work a workshop or clinic with Nancy into your year:


Nancy will be teaching on Maui from NOVEMBER 12th until 22nd of APRIL 2014.


25-29 NOVEMBER, MANJU JOIS, Intermediate Teachers training, contact: hyz0 @


1, 3-6 DECEMBER, MANJU JOIS, Mysore style class, contact: hyz0 @

During MANJU JOIS classes on Maui, Nancy will not be teaching. During 25-29 Nov, Casey will teach 7:30 am classes.


MAUI – Primary Series Adjustment Clinic with NANCY GILGOFF


NANCY GILGOFF, Primary Series Adjustment Clinic

During this week, Nancy will not be teaching the regular morning classes. Asst. Casey will teach the normal classes at 7:30 am. Except Sunday, which will start at the regular 8:15 time.

The adjustment clinic will begin with 9:30am Mysore practice (except Sunday’s clinic class will begin at 10 am). The afternoon will be from 1-4pm. (sunday afternoon will be 1:30-4:30).

contact: hyz0 @


26-27 APRIL 


Weekend Workshop

contact: gregorysimpson @

29 APRIL- 4 MAY 

MONTAUK, NY (Bristol Yoga)

Intermediate Adjustment Clinic


choar @


6-7 MAY 


Mysore classes

contact: kate.ashtangi @


10-11 MAY 


Weekend Workshop

contact: info @

12-16 MAY 


Intermediate Adjustment Clinic, 14th is a moon day so no a.m. practice

contact: info @

19-23, 25-27 MAY 


Mysore classes

contact: hyz0 @

This week is for a limited number of practitioners. Previous study with Nancy is required to participate.

31 MAY-1 JUNE 


Weekend Workshop

contact: @

3-5 JUNE 


contact: @

7-10 JUNE 

PORTUGAL, Vila Nova de Milfontes, Alentejo

4 days practice + discussions

contact: loveashtangayoga @

13-17 JUNE 


Primary Adjustment Clinic

contact: francesca.rosso @


21-22 JUNE 


Weekend Workshop

contact: admin @

28-29 JUNE 


Weekend Workshop

contact: info @



Nancy will be teaching on Maui.

SEPT-DEC to be announced.

I know. A long blockquote. (I’ve taken out the hotlink to try to avoid emails being spammed.) But a worthwhile one, I think.

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Some Ashtanga news via David Swenson and Nancy Gilgoff

Two quick pieces of news about two of the Confluence teachers, although one — Nancy Gilgoff — isn’t going to be featured next year. The other, David Swenson, will.

But I’ll start with Nancy, who sent out an updated schedule through April 2014 today. The long and short of it: She’ll be teaching on Maui from Nov. 12 until the end of April 2014. Included in that time is an intermediate teachers training with Manju from Nov. 25-29 and Mysore-style classes with him on Dec. 1 and from Dec. 3-6.

In 2014, she is doing a primary adjustment clinic from Jan. 25-29. After April, according to the email “is still being sorted out…..”

Nancy also highlights two February 2014 Costa Rica retreats with two of her long-time students, Christine Hoar and Kimberly Dahlmann. For more, go here.

And Nancy sent along the Namarupa effort to raise money for a flood-ravaged village in northern India. If you have’t donated… you still can.

David’s news is even shorter: He’s got practice cards and posters back in stock. Bobbie was just saying how his book helped her in her early Ashtanga days….

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Manju heading to Gilgoff’s Maui studio

It’s a little hard to get a lot of fresh information on Nancy Gilgoff.

Manju, via Nancy's site

I suspect that’s not not on purpose. Her Internet site seems a fair reflection of her physical one, as it’s been described to me.

But here’s some news: Manju Jois will be a guest teacher at the House of Yoga and Zen next month.

Here’s a link.

He’ll be there from Nov. 14 to 19 doing a “Primary Teachers’s Training.” That would be an interesting experience, no doubt.

I can’t help but wonder if Manju will be around San Diego in March and make any appearance at the Confluence.  I do know that following the Confluence, Nancy will be doing some teaching up here in Los Angeles. Bobbie and I are checking to see how our calendars look.

Well, and I’m trying to figure out how much intense Ashtanga I can take in one month or less.

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