McDonald’s explains: That isn’t yoga mat in our McRib

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Azodicarbonamide, that chemical that is in a variety of foods, such as Subway restaurant breads and McDonald’s McRib sandwiches, as well as non-edible products, like yoga mats.

Well, I guess I need to say was in Subway breads. The company, after all the focus on the chemical, has phased it out of its breads.

No so for McDonald’s, which instead has made it clear that the Azodicarbonamide — it sounds like something that absorbs stuff, right? — in its foods isn’t exactly the same as what’s in yoga mats. This is from a serious of FAQs on its website:

We use ingredients that are commonly used by the food industry and meet recognized food quality and safety standards.  Azodicarbonamide is used by bakers to help ensure a consistent texture in each batch of bread they bake. It is used in many items on grocery store shelves, like some hot dog and hamburger buns and other bread products you may already purchase.

Because a variation of this ingredient is used in some non-food products, including yoga mats, there have been individuals who have erroneously claimed that our food contains that same rubber or plastics. This is simply not true.

We recognize the difference between using ingredients in food versus using a variation of those ingredients for non-food purposes can be confusing. We also realize that sometimes the scientific name for an ingredient may sound scary. For example, the salt you use to de-ice a driveway is a variation of the salt you use in the kitchen, however they are both sodium chloride.

I’m also partial to this answer to a simple question: “Why are your burgers so cheap?”

As many savvy shoppers would tell you, buying in bulk can lead to big savings!

At McDonald’s we feed millions of people each day, which means we need to buy a lot of  beef, potatoes, lettuce, chicken , eggs and more. This allows us to get great prices on the ingredients we use to make your favorite menu items.

Happy Memorial Day weekend (get the tie-in?).

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What your yoga mat and the McRib sandwich have in common

Have you ever fallen on your face during crow pose or Bujapidasana? Did you come up with a bruised ego but also a desire to race over to the nearest McDonald’s?

Turns out there is a reason for that.

According to the Time magazine healthblog, “Healthland,” the McRib sandwich — back in McDonald’s now, if you have managed to avoid the advertising and stories — contains azodicarbonamide among its 70 ingredients, 34 in just the bun.

Now, azodicarbonamide is not a fancy, scientific word for “healthy vitamin.”

It turns out azodicarbonamide is a “flour-bleaching agent that is most commonly used in the manufacture of foamed plastics like in gym mats and the soles of shoes.”

Gym mat = yoga mat.

Did I just ruin your appetite?

UPDATE, Nov. 4: The Humane Society has accused the provider of the pork in the McRib of subjecting its pigs to cruel living conditions. It has filed a complaint with the SEC. The company, Smithfield Foods Inc., said in a statement that the “allegations are wholly without merit and appear to be another in a series of frivolous attacks.”  It says 30% of its sows will be in group housing by year’s end.

Link to the complaint right here.

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