Today, or Monday, is one of those floating Moon Days

We all know it happens, every so often.

A Moon Day falls in a gray space — gray time? — where (when), depending on where you are, it occurs one day in parts of the globe, the next in others.

Today’s Moon Day, er… tomorrow’s, seems to be one of those.

Our go-to Moon Day guide is Tim Miller and the Ashtanga Yoga Center. According to it, today is the Moon Day. And that means a nice, restful weekend. (Same at Ashtanga Yoga New York.)

But I see where Ashtanga Yoga Sydney, for instance, has it on Monday. No long weekend, but the bonus of breaking up the week a bit. So there’s that plus.

For my money, I guess I have to say I appreciate the two-day breaks we get when a Moon Day falls on a Sunday or Friday. (Let’s not talk about a Saturday one, OK?) It’s a bit more of a holiday, a little double-down on rest and rehabilitation.

Whenever your Moon Day happens this week, enjoy.

Posted by Steve