Tim Miller has some heavenly advice for the start of the NBA season

We all know Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, NBA and Los Angeles Lakers great, practiced yoga, including Ashtanga under Guruji’s eye.

Now, Tim Miller has offered up some heavenly advice for the Lakers’ current superstar, the injured Kobe Bryant.

How’s that for pulling together two disparate threads? If only I could manage some uniting as well on my mat.

From Tim’s always-to-be-read weekly blog post:

For me the start of the NBA season works like a vow of silence.  It could be along year for the Lakers, though—Godspeed your recovery, Kobe Bryant.  Mercury Retrograde and Saturn together signals a time when we are asked to take responsibility for our past actions—too many minutes Kobe–and learn the lesson that is being presented to us during this time of reflection—trust your teammates.

There also is an important reminder, courtesy of Hanuman, about our own superstar qualities. (Another thread tied. That may be my superstar quality today.) So read up.

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Eddie Stern, World Peace and 4th graders

Eddie Stern is still in Oslo, but he’s updated his blog.

At first, I thought his latest post meant he was following the NBA playoffs closely. Here in Los Angeles, World Peace means something a little different these days. (I did email Eddie wondering if, as a New Yorker, he was planning to come out as a Lakers fan.)

It turns what Eddie means by world peace is just that. He’s highlighted a documentary on a teacher who has been promoting a 4th grade game of world peace he created in 1978. Eddie also has a link to a TED talk by the teacher, John Hunter. The goal of the game is to expose 9-year-olds to the complexity of geo-politics early on.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary; Eddie has the TED talk at his blog.

If Eddie says it is worth watching, don’t you think it is?

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