Any New Year Yogi Resolutions?

I checked, and we have questioned the yoga world about possible resolutions in the past.

But it’s a new year, so why not go for it again:


Do you have any yogic resolutions you hope to keep beyond the first Full Moon of 2014? (That happens the 15th) Comment below.

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This is the best news. First Moon Day of 2014 is…

January 1st.

Just went looking at the Ashtanga Yoga Center’s Moon Day page (to which we link from our Ashtanga Information page).

How awesome is that?

Of course, if you’re like us and tend to do a Mala — 108 Sun Salutes — to kick off the new year, then this might be bad news. The Mala becomes an additional practice, rather than a rule-breaky replacement.

But at least you can do it whenever you want during the day. No getting up early.

So prep for a big New Year’s Eve.

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Happy New Year! Time for yogi resolutions

By now, if you haven’t heard anything new from us during our India trip, we’re on our way to Tirupati, where we’ll be climbing the temple’s 4,000 steps. We should have just finished a highlight of the trip: darshan of Shiva’s air lingam.

If we haven’t lost total track of things, we’re also realizing its 2013. So, Happy New Year, all.

As we wondered last year… do you have yogi resolutions? Ours is to return home. Maybe.

Posted by Bobbie and Steve