Yoga news hangover… er, roundup: A Yogananda student on India’s spirituality

Happy New Year, everyone. Your first-edition 2012 yoga news roundup, a feature we are mulling over on how to improve and / or do away with as we continue to embrace change at the Confluence Countdown.

  • One of Yogananda’s few surviving direct students talks about India’s inherent spirituality and its need to embrace some materialism to take its place as one of the world’s great nations.
  • Little recap of David Swenson’s recent trip to England.
  • Chicago area high school wrestlers add Bikram yoga to their workout. (Also from the Tribune, the Reuters story on yoga’s aiding breast-cancer survivors, which we wrapped up before.)
  • Claudia included a Confluence post on her top Ashtanga posts of 2011. Well, it’s newsy to us.

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Yoga news roundup: Help for breast cancer survivors and the homeless

Quick troll of the Internet today yields:

  • New study finds that yoga can help breast cancer survivors boost their vigor and diminish fatigue.
  • Yoga is proving popular with one group of homeless. And, yes, they balked at first.
  • Folks plan to ring in the new year with a big “Ommmm.”
  • National Yogasana Championships are happening in … India, of course.

Told you it was quick.

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Yoga news roundup: Yoga Gives Back and yoga sells coconut water

A “top stories of 2011” free edition of the news roundup:

  • Our friends at Yoga Gives Back are in the news. Donation class to support the great organization happening on New Year’s Day.
  • Yoga can work for people of all faiths. (Of note: Story comes from one of Utah’s two big papers, which have fairly close ties to the Mormon church and have riled people up in the past with some story choices. Don’t know if this one will catch any flak.) Seems like a pretty good story to me.
  • Would you believe coconut water purveyors might be trafficking on yoga’s popularity? NPR digs deep.

It may be a short list, but every story is pretty (coconut) meaty.

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Yoga news roundup: That Sting drunken boast about Tantric sex still lingers

Post-Tim Miller yoga stoned, so I can’t say I haven’t missed something:

  • Remember that claim by Sting about his sex life due to yoga. His wife, Trudie Styler, still does. Says it was a “drunken boast.”
  • The media are loving the yoga robbery story. More here and here.
  • Encinitas, the home of Ashtanga in America, is one of San Diego’s capitals of health and wellness. Well, duh.

And, really, I mean “duh.” That’s how I feel after Tim’s Mysore class and the near two-hour drive home. More on the class later on.

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Yoga news roundup: Watch your cash register, studio owners

A short little catch of news items today.

  • Police catch a guy allegedly trying to steal $500 from a Bikram Yoga studio’s cash register. This link has a mugshot. I wonder if Bikram will sue him.
  • Lululemon stock is still a “buy.”
  • Remember the world’s oldest yoga teacher? I wonder what this woman has to say about it.

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Yoga news roundup: Sale at Lululemon causes fire hazard

I’m not sure even Hanuman could carry all the yoga news there is today. Here’s the best of the bunch:

  • What do you get when you cross Lululemon and a sale? A Canadian fire hazard.
  • First one, then a second and now a third — combo of the first two — “Yoga Girl” song is out there.
  • Did someone say “rifle-wielding yoga instructors“?
  • An almost classic “here’s what yoga’s about” story from Oklahoma.
  • Speaking of classic yoga tales, here’s one from Scotland.
  • Los Angeles yogi to the stars Vinnie Marino can count Robert Downey Jr. among his clients.

And, earlier, we caught up on a New York Times story about India’s prospering untouchables.

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Yoga news roundup: Chopra on Christmas and Bhakti yoga

While there are a few “fresh” stories out there, it appears we are heading into the “year in review” part of our yoga news cycle:

  • Deepak Chopra compares Christmas to Bhakti yoga.
  • Remember when wearing Lululemon pants got Vancouver on the “worst dressed cities list”?
  • We’ll admit it: We didn’t practice on Christmas. Others did. But that’s so unusual it gets a news story.
  • Yoga as just stretching in Las Vegas paper. Also: A guy’s fear about going to a yoga class without his wife. (When those stories quit popping up, it will mean the Kali Yuga is coming to a close.)
  • Pippa Middleton’s yoga-toned body gets mention among the most interesting women of 2011, according to Forbes.
  • You know the guy behind the “Yoga Girl” and “Whole Foods Parking Lot” videos? He’s back at it, with Berkeley, California as his target.
  • Yoga goes kosher in Los Angeles. Sort of.

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Yoga news roundup: One nation under many gods

A very light little Christmas day set of news items:

  • Los Angeles Times Op-Ed discusses how America is one nation under many gods. Original American yogis Emerson and Thoreau get a mention.
  • You probably won’t find Daniel Craig at your lengthy, hot yoga class.
  • She might not be the world’s oldest yoga teacher, but this woman still is inspiring.

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Yoga news roundup: Yoga with dolphins. Really?

A holiday platter of yoga news:

  • Yoga with dolphins? Sort of, yeah. And where else but Las Vegas?
  • Kids + yoga = common sense, right? I’m telling you, it does. (Yes, that’s two different stories.)
  • Another take on the Bikram-Yoga to the People lawsuit.
  • Thank you, US Weekly. Now we know what Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher thinks will ward off holiday stress and that Chris Evans, aka Captain America, wants to get a little more limber in the new year with some yoga.
  • Yoga can help you while sitting at your desk, one business journal discovers!
  • A USA Today blog rehashes the recent yoga is good for pain reduction studies.

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Yoga news roundup: World’s oldest yoga teacher (Updated)

A little bit of a busy day of yoga news. Read onward:

  • Two outlets cover the story of the world’s oldest yoga teacher. Who says she’s the oldest? The Guiness Book of World Records, that’s who. Fox News touts Bernice Bates’ story. And the Atlanta Journal-Constitution runs the Associated Press piece on the 91-year-old.
  • One couple claims yoga, along with meditation and music, can help young kids concentrate and even be happier. Possible mitigating factor on their claim? That they’ve started a business around it.
  • Forbes blogger vows to do more yoga in 2012. It’ll help your career, supposedly.
  • Here’s a conundrum for you: Wind farm vs. school of yoga. The school in England says it will close if the wind farm is approved nearby.
  • Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health wins $144,000 in state grant money.

Update: We found the Associated Press video of Bates:

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