New ‘Ask the Experts’ addresses the perfect yoga pose

There’s a new “Ask the Experts” question/answer up at Yoga Workshop, and it is about a perfectly good question, which asks in part: “What makes a yoga pose perfect?”

Here’s part of the answer, this time by Ty Landrum:

When insight begins to unfold, our postures are well aligned. So we can take this as the golden standard for our postures. However, it would be mistake to suppose that this standard makes for some kind of mastery. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a contemplative practice, and there is no end or achievement that brings any such practice to completion. The practice is to open the mind and senses to the sublime reality that is unfolding so perfectly around us, and thus to participate in the endless contemplation of reality.

For more, click the link.

Something the Q/A doesn’t quite get at, but I think is related, is how the practice one day seems so much better and then the next it will seem so much worse. I think on a “meta” level — and if you read Ty’s answer, you’ll see that’s where it goes — this factor of the practice is one of the most useful in applying it to life, more generally. Some days — or weeks, or months, or years — are great. And others are crappy. Not getting too stoked by the super practice or too bummed out by the bad one is a good attitude to have as we “participate in the endless contemplation of reality.” Aka living.

Posted by Steve