Ashtanga Yoga Confluence pictures, Day II

Once again, a Facebook album from Tom Rosenthal. (Apologies for those who can’t view it, but so far, these are what are online.)

Link is here.

Included are Tim Miller’s patented two-person backbend adjustment and, along with the five master teachers, several more, including Leigha Nicole and Noah Williams.

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Photos from Day 1 of the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence

Not ours. These are up on Facebook (and I assume are set to a public view) from Tom Rosenthal, who also took photos last year, if memory serves.

Link right here.

My favorite is No. 13.

So far, that’s all I’m seeing online. I suspect more will start flowing (and maybe some video?).

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Amazing pictures from Maha Sivaratri

The U.K.’s Daily Mail has an arresting set of photos up from Maha Sivaratri.

Link is right here. Description from the piece:

They come to leave bowls of fruit in the hopes of pleasing the gods, spend their days chanting mantras and dress in the colourful saffron robes favoured by the gods of the Hindu pantheon.

Welcome to Maha Shivaratri, a two-day festival celebrated all over the world, although nowhere does it quite so exuberantly as India and Nepal, the two homelands of Hinduism.

One of 12 holidays dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Shiva, the bringer of death and destruction, the Maha Shivarati marks the day of his wedding to the goddess Parvati as well as the day he first performed his cosmic dance, the Tavata.

There’s a video, as well.

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Navratri in pictures: Next best thing to being there

The Huffington Post has a piece up with nearly two dozen photos highlighting the ongoing Navratri celebration in India. “Highlighting” on the sense they seem to be from last year.

No problem! How much can change, year to year, in an age-old celebration!

Still, as with the earlier set of photos we linked to, these help bring you there — even if you can’t get there.

Take a look.

Dancers on day six of last year's Navratri.

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