Yoga fuel: green, green energy that’s clean

I didn’t think it was possible for a mainstay of our diet to get any better/worse.

But it has.

For the past couple of years or so, the go-to food — especially after practice — has been a veggie-heavy smoothie. Lots of spinach, some purple kale, a bit of green energy stuff (take your pick which one) and some frozen fruit added up to a nice way to cool down and get something like six servings of veggies in one glass. And it was pretty tasty.

Green juice, via

Oh, did I mention? It included soy milk as the base.

Yeah, I hear you. But I didn’t really realize just how much until a few weeks ago.

That’s when the soy milk got tossed aside for plain old filtered water. And the frozen fruit was dumped, too. In its place? More herbs such as dandelion, mint, dill and fennel.

Oh, I’m not saying these “smoothies” — probably they are more like juices, only with all that pulp that is left behind when you “juice” — are yummy. But they are … well, something, in a weird, healthy way that is similar to how wheat grass tastes. Only you’re drinking 16 ounces or so.

But what’s better is there’s no heavy feeling after — it’s all quick-acting energy. Perhaps not cup of coffee boost, but a strong, steady lift. And there’s still the six or maybe eight servings of vegetables in that morning glass. With enough ice, it even helps cool you down after practice.

These juices and smoothies are just part of the mostly raw diet we are on; certainly, one thing I find is there is a lot less soreness post-practice when I’ve stayed raw and haven’t “fallen off the wagon” a little. (Got to stay on the Middle Path, right?) And if you mix things up, the food can be pretty satisfying.

Especially if you think of it as just another step along the Shaucha path.

If you’ve got a favorite green energy drink, by all means, share the recipe in the comments. Because Bobbie’s more the raw food expert than I am.

Posted by Steve