A little registration delay in Mysore…

If you were set in front of your computer at the stroke of midnight on Aug. 1 to register for the institute in Mysore in November, this news isn’t news to you:

APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR NOVEMBER CLASSES (FOR BOTH SARASWATHI & SHARATH) WILL BEGIN ON AUGUST 7 (INDIA STANDARD TIME). Please do not call or email the shala enquiring about the password. Online registration for the month of December onwards will proceed as normal (3 months before your intended start date).

Speaking of the stroke of midnight — do I even have the right? I know I’ve heard stories of people hitting the equivalent of “send” as soon as they could — is that 12:01 a.m. Indian time (let’s avoid the whole India Stretch Time notion, shall we)?

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Are things finally slowing down in Mysore?

If you check back, it hasn’t been taking more than a few days for registration to study in Mysore — three months in the future — to fill up. I even heard people had been hitting “send” right at midnight, Mysore time, on the first of the month. And still not necessarily getting in.

But as of Nov. 7th, there’s no update at the Mysore website that the next open month — February — is full:

Sharath’s class is full for OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2014 and JANUARY 2015. We will not accept any more registration forms for these months. Online applications for February 2015 arrivals will not be accepted until November 1st. Likewise, online registration for the March 2015 batch will begin on December 1, 2014 (3 months before your start date). If you submit your form earlier, it will be automatically deleted without further notice.

Not sure if it’s just a glitch, but it has been just a few days the past few months before notice went up that another month was full. Maybe it will be a little easier in the coming months to get a spot.

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Open registration is… well, open

Krishna and his cows, at a confluence

For those who have been waiting to register for the Confluence until after the “hotel package” was done, now’s your chance.

I just saw the announcement that open registration has begun.

You can get there from here, if you want.

Now, personally, as I noted below, I think staying at the hotel will be a great part of the experience. It feels like you will be less at the “confluence” of things if you are not at the confluence, if you get my drift.

But, it could mean a savings of $400 or $500, so I get that. And for all of Tim Miller’s students in and around San Diego, it might be hard to justify staying down at the beach.

Anyway, we’ll try to keep our room open as much as possible for everyone.