The chaos of Pincha Mayurasana with Tim Miller

No, you aren’t going to learn how to do Pincha Mayurasana from this video. But it wonderful captures a moment in a Tim Miller retreat that is very familiar. Some people doing, some people resting, and Tim lightly diagnosing what one student is doing. (I can picture the look on his face and what he is saying.)

And I love the moment at about :38 seconds when he raises his hand as a student comes up; he might be talking to the other student, so it seems almost unconscious, or at least unconsciously timed. I believe he could keep her up there, if he wanted. The whole thing isn’t even a minute long, so you can watch it easily.

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What we’re missing in Mt. Shasta

Quick post, because I can’t really do this justice. It speaks for itself.

Bobbie and I had considered, briefly, trying to do the second week of Tim Miller’s Mt. Shasta retreat instead of the first this year. For a bunch of reasons, that didn’t happen — and the result was terrific, as we got to see year-old friends and deepen a bunch of connections we had made the first time to the mountain. We also got to begin some new, meaningful relationships.

But right now, those second week people are midway through their Mercury day, meaning the longest hike of the week. Thankfully, our careful cultivation of non-attachment means we aren’t jealous. Rose Tantraphol is covering her experience of the week at her blog, which we link to along the side but is worth the special highlight this week.

So check her out.

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