‘Keep it simple and sing:’ Robert Svoboda on Ojas

We met Robert Svoboda briefly on our Yatra; he has deep roots with both Robert Moses and Eddie Stern and Namarupa.

Here’s a pretty great talk by him; I think I’ve got the videos in the proper order:

I especially like his suggestion to “sing discretely.”

You can find out more about Svoboda here.

Final FYI: I’m going to try to seek out some “deeper” pieces — either video or writing — in the coming days and weeks. It can’t be all coffee, all the time. Well, at least until the Encinitas yoga trial resume in two weeks, then “deeper” is probably not happening.

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Take a trip ‘Into the Center’

Back in February, we pointed you to the preview for the following film. Now, “Into the Center,” a film by Robert Moses’ son, Satya, is finished and online. Here’s how he describes it:

In the Fall of 2012 I took an epic journey into the Brazilian Amazon with my bro Lee and friend and mentor Robert Svoboda. We spent 9 days with a tribe called the Yawanawa, participating in a traditional festival and learning about the Yawanawa, the jungle, ourselves, and the world. I created this film for my 2013 Senior Project. Enjoy!

You may recognize Svobada’s name. And you’d better recognize Robert’s by now!

Take a look:

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