And…. that’s a wrap!

It’s Confluence weekend, people.

If you’re headed/heading/already headed to San Diego, please feel free to stop us if we look familiar.

As we did last year, we plan to cover the Confluence as much as possible. Last time, we managed a post, maybe two, per day. Quick reflections and impressions dominated the scene.

This time, we should have a better camera, which will help. And Steve had the brilliant idea of trying to “live blog” one of the discussion sessions. That will depend largely on the Wifi capability of the room.

Two last, sort of suggestions:

  • Last year, we frequented a smoothie place that was a few blocks north of the hotel, across Mission Boulevard. We don’t remember the name and can’t find it via the usual Internet means, so no promises it is still there. It was in the second little strip mall. The first day or so, it wasn’t crowded. By Saturday, it was packed with Confluencies. So plan your eating accordingly.
  • We liked the little taco joint that was immediately south (aka to your left as you leave the hotel). Again, no promises it is still there.

And, once the Confluence is over and we’re back to the real world, we have some improvements/ enhancements/ advancements planned for our ongoing exploration of Ashtanga’s “1%.” Please stay tuned for that, too.

We like to think of it as blogging’s Second Series. (But, wait, does that make it Third…?)

See as many of you as possible soon.

Posted by Bobbie and Steve

Looking like nicer weather for the Confluence this time around

Bear with me for a second. Here’s a little from a post from almost a year ago:

If you’re arriving early for the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence — in other words, on Wednesday — you might want to bring an umbrella.

No, no, the Confluence hasn’t moved from San Diego. But, amazingly, there is rain in the forecast for Wednesday. And temps only in the mid-50s.

The title of that post? “I know it’s San Diego, but don’t pack for summer”.

Those who attended the first Confluence might recall it stayed fairly cool during the weekend. It was especially cold during the opening puja — so once again, shout out and props and a tip of the doti to Eddie Stern for braving the cold marina water next to the Confluence hotel.

Happily, this year it is looking like San Diego is going to serve up a more classic SoCal weekend. Friday and Saturday, as of now, should reach about 70. (Keep in mind, as the Confluence is by the ocean, it will be a little cooler than what the San Diego forecast tells you. I’m going with a Pacific Beach forecast as that is a bit more precise, I think.) Sunday, however, it might only get into the low 60s.

Lows will only into the mid-50s. You might want to run from your room to the Mysore practice room.

If I had to be optimistic, I’d say you could sneak some time on the beach on Saturday, although it looks like it may cloud up a bit on Saturday and into Sunday. Still, maybe come prepared.

Posted by Steve