When humans become demonic

For some reason, when I read Tim Miller’s blog post this week, I kept returning to this line: “Human beings become demonic when their main desire is for self-promotion and glory.”

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, selfies and, sure, blogs, I can’t believe we aren’t over-run by modern-day Ravanas.

Maybe we are.

Anyway, it’s a good reminder of what we are supposed to be pursuing in our yoga practices: self-realization, not self-glory. And now might be a good time, per the heavens, for re-booting ourselves, according to Tim:

This is a kind of Mid-Spring celebration, both of the exuberance of nature and the budding power of our own sexual energy.  Bharani reminds us that in order to give birth to something new, sometimes something old needs to die.    

Maybe our old habits and ways?

Posted by Steve