Here are the 2016 tour dates for Sharath in the U.S.

You may have seen that via Instagram Eddie Stern has announced the touring dates for Sharath’s pass through the United States in 2016.

Here’s a link. And here are the details if you want to avoid Instagram:

Stanford: May 22-27

Los Angeles: May 29-June 3

New York: June 11-16

Miami: June 18-24/

Registration is going to open in December, at the Mysore website. Classes will include primary and intermediate led; lectures; and pranayama (including “intermediate level” in New York).

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Mysore news: Sharath’ll be back on Nov. 1

For those of you waiting for the news from Mysore, it’s here:

From November 1, 2015 (Registration will open on August 1, 2015)

There are, of course, the usual requirements:

1. Students may practice with Sharath for a minimum of one month and for no longer than three months.
2. Students must start their practice within the first 5 days of every month(e.g. Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th). If you cannot start on one of these dates, you must wait and apply for another month. This also means that in-person registration at the shala will only occur between 1st to 5th of every month.
3. Students who submit more than one form online will not be accepted. We do not entertain any cancellations or change of dates, once the online registration has been submitted. Extensions of stay will also not be granted.
4. Students should not register for both Sharath’s class and Saraswathi’s class.Kindly apply to practice with only one teacher.
5. Students must pay by cash when they register in Mysore, and full fees are expected from the start date. Click here for the fee structure.

For those thinking it, yes, it’s a couple weeks after he joins Namarupa in the Himalayas.

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Take some short asana classes with Sharath at

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Sonima website (helpfully at is up and running. I suspect — as I’ve been suspecting — this means that when the Encinitas Jois studio reopens after its overhaul, it will be as Sonima. We’ll see.

No doubt, the more general Sonima name better fits what’s happening there. Ashtanga — yoga, even — is just a part.

But on to the Sharath classes. He’s one of the “featured experts” along with Deepak Chopra. And included are short classes. Here’s a link to the 10-minute one. You’ll find 15-, 20- and 25-minute ones there, as well. They include students at different levels. I haven’t yet watched them closely — feel free to drop your reactions in the comments.

There’s even the below video (taken here from Sonima’s Youtube channel) of Sharath talking about what to do when you don’t have time for a full-out asana practice:

You also, of course, can just scoot around the site and see what you find.

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It’s Oct. 3, so you know what that means: Another month full in Mysore

If you haven’t gotten the picture yet, we can lay it out clearly: If you want to go practice in Mysore, you need to send your application on the very first day of the month. Because, once again:

Sharath’s class is full for OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2014 and JANUARY 2015. We will not accept any more registration forms for these months. Online applications for February 2015 arrivals will not be accepted until November 1st. Likewise, online registration for the March 2015 batch will begin on December 1, 2014 (3 months before your start date). If you submit your form earlier, it will be automatically deleted without further notice.

Sounds a little looser if you want to practice with Saraswati — but you still have to apply three months in advance.

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The source of the Ganges and, if you missed it, Sharath in the U.S.

While we were on our Yatra, we heard about the two weeks that Sharath will be teaching in the U.S. The first out in Los Angeles, the latter in New York City.

Details — notably at this point that there are single classes available for those who can’t commit to a full week — are here. (You may have to move around the dates to find them all.) Sharath also will be leading a pranayama series of classes at the Broome Street Temple and in LA. One does have to register for the full series of Intermediate classes and have completed the Intermediate series with him.

No word on whether having bathed at the source of the Ganges, about 13,000 feet up in the Himalayas at Gomukh, gets you dispensation. If it does, most of our fellow Yatris and us can say, “Yeah, we’ve done that,” and sign up with impunity. Here are some photo pieces of evidence:

Bobbie after bathing int he Ganges.
Bobbie in the back after bathing in the Ganges.
The glacier from which flows the Ganges.
The glacier from which flows the Ganges.
Closer up on the glacier.
Closer up on the glacier. 

The water was so cold, you pretty much didn’t notice it after the first dunk. I think I mildly blacked out during my second and third immersion.

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Sharath interview from Sweden: ‘Injuries can be good teachers’

There’s a fairly lengthy interview with Sharath, during his recent teaching stay in Sweden, going about today. I’d say that while it doesn’t necessarily cover any new ground, it acts as a pretty good distillation of topics I’ve seen Sharath cover.

It is right here. Given our focus at times over the summer on injuries, I’ll pull this part out:

Some people get injured while practicing, what advice can you give them?
– There are many reasons to getting injuries. First you must look at how it happened. If you have a bad teacher you might get hurt, it is the students job to find a good, serious teacher. Find out if the teacher is serious about his or her own practice; that is very important. Then there are students who wants more and more asanas, they try too hard, practices two times a day, and then you might hurt your body. Practice intelligently, not ignorantly. Some pain might occur just because your body needs to get used to the postures, that pain can be healed by continuing to practice. You should only worry if the pain is permanent.
Can we learn something from our injuries?
– Yes, injuries can be good teachers. They make us more humble.

Perhaps something else will resonate with you.

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A view of Mysore from seven years ago

I seriously doubt I’ll ever get to Mysore. I’m sure, if I do, it will be a short, pass-through visit at most.

India holds many allures. But Mysore, after Guruji’s passing, doesn’t. The Guru is gone, and while there is a lineage being carried on there, for me, that lineage lives at least as much in Tim Miller, the other Confluence teachers and — thankfully for those of us in Los Angeles — Jörgen Christiansson.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to halt life for a month or two and follow Guruji’s advice: “Practice, practice, practice.” And I get why doing that in Mysore calls to people.  (And it isn’t just because, once you get there, life becomes cheaper than, say, trying to spend a month living in Encinitas.)

I get it especially after reading back through the tales from Mysore by Jason, at Leaping Lanka. These are back in 2004, when he dropped everything and went from Encinitas and Tim’s shala to Mysore.

It’s pretty great stuff, if you have never come across it. (Ashtanga-Yoga-Gainsville reminded me of them.) This link will drop you right in the middle.

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