Tim Miller reading about Hanuman, why you fidget and what’s next for Lululemon

Just happened on a great 2 1/2 minute video of Tim Miller reading about Hanuman.

It was recorded about a year ago, during Tim’s Hanuman Jayanti celebration early on a Moon Day at the Ashtanga Yoga Center.

How do I know? Because I drove down. In fact, the guy in the background in the long-sleeved red shirt, ’tis me. Enjoy:

I noticed in that video that I’m not exactly still. So this video is a bit of an aid this a.m.:

As of this writing, that video has been up about an hour. So enjoy.

And one final thing. Lululemon may be at a crossroads. Does it go the Steve Jobs route or the Tim Cook one? Forbes lays it all out for you.

Posted by Steve