Not That Yoga–This Yoga

I’ll admit here that I don’t take the best care of my feet, and that I am aware that as Ashtangi, I should. They take a beating. We’re standing, jumping, and sitting on them every morning. We pull on them. We roll over them (over and over and over, in fact). They deserve some love.

I didn’t show mine the love. During practice last week, I jumped back, rolled over the tootsies, and felt the nail on my big toe crack. You know how that goes. There’s a pause, and you think, “Meh. It’s won’t kill me,” and carry on. I carried on. The nail kept splitting, et cetera et cetera and pretty soon, you’ve got a bleeder.

So that landed me in the doctor’s office, toe full of Novocain. I’ll spare you the details (because those aren’t the point of this post, and this isn’t Tosh.0). When I asked the doctor The Question, “How soon can I get back to yoga?” he replied, “Oh, tomorrow. As long as you don’t put pressure on the toe here, here, and here, you should be fine.”

Now, good people of Ashtanga, I know you’re with me in this moment. You realize you are talking to someone that when you say, “yoga,” they are thinking this:

So, I’m putting a cry for help out there. Can someone please post a “Not that yoga! This yoga!” video somewhere? Short. Concise. Not those slow demos with funky music in the background. Something I can pull up on my iPhone and hold out and say, “How soon can I start doing this yoga?” Something that, when you say “yoga,” your listener will now think something like this:

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I ought to be able to figure out when I can get back to the practice myself. But if I were capable of doing that, I wouldn’t be sitting here with a taped up toe, would I?

Posted by Bobbie