There’s still time to check out the Supermoon eclipse

By my calculations, not matter where you are right now, you’ve got an hour before the Supermoon eclipse begins and more than that before the full show starts. As long as you are at or west of the eastern edge of Africa, you’ll be able to see some part of it.

Here’s info from

You can watch the harvest moon lunar eclipse live in a webcast by the Slooh Community Observatory. You can also watch the total lunar eclipse on, courtesy of Slooh. The lunar eclipse will also feature the “biggest” full moon (in apparent size) of 2015, since the moon will also be at perigee on the very same day ─ its closest point to the Earth ─ 221,753 miles (356,877 km) away. [Visibility Maps for the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse (Gallery)]

The Sept. 27 event is therefore being called a “supermoon eclipse.” The last such eclipse happened in 1982, and the next won’t occur until 2033.

Out here on the West Coast, it even is happening early enough not to interfere with getting up tomorrow morning.

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Huge moon, supermoon, pink moon, dark side of the…

I’m not getting too worked up about Saturday’s huge full moon. I’ve got lots of other things pulling on me, too.

For those few wondering what I’m talking about, here’s the background:

On Saturday at 11:35 p.m. ET, the moon will officially turn full. And only 25 minutes later, the moon will also arrive at perigee, its closest approach to Earth — a distance of 221,802 miles (356,955 kilometers) away.

The effect of this coincidence is a stunning skywatching sight called the “supermoon.”

In fact, this month’s perigee is the closest of any perigee in 2012 (they vary by about 3 percent, because the moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular). The result will be a 16 percent brighter-than-average full moon accompanied by unusually high and low tides this weekend and into the new week.

You can imagine that, with Ashtanga’s twice monthly focus on the moon (at the least) that this would catch our attention. But as I said, as much as yoga has ruined my life, it hasn’t made me overly concerned with the affects of heavenly bodies — yet.

Still, in honor of 2012’s biggest moon of the year, two videos to ease into the weekend:

And, of course:

Although I’m not sure the Pink Floyd one is “watchable.” Better to go prepare yourself mentally (*cough cough*) and lay on the floor listening to that old vinyl copy. Preferably in your parents’ basement while they’re out.

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