A way easier way to do ‘Ashtanga’

I just happened upon (read: Google pushed into my inbox) a story from the Times of India that runs through the different postures in our beloved Suryanamaskara A.

Only with a twist. A really easy twist that sounds like it wouldn’t leave me absolutely gushing with sweat as I curl myself from Yoga Mudra to Shavasana.

In other words, where was this Ashtanga when I was getting started? And is it too late to jump ship?

Ashtanga Namaskara: While in the prone position, exhale and lower your body to the floor until eight of your body parts touch the floor including your forehead, chest, and two palms, both knees and both feet.

Forget the eight limbs, especially the pesky, tough ones. Put eight parts of your body on the ground (I’ve been going with four, silly me) and, I guess, all is coming.

If only.

Now, admittedly, the article says this is Suryanamaskara for beginners. But it’s still a novel use of the word Ashtanga that, in my more desperate and tired moments, I probably could get behind solidly.

Posted by Steve